Stuffed Baked Potatoes

3 to chose from all served with choice of soup or salad. 10


Hot Turkey Sandwich

Herb roasted turkey & turkey gravy over lightly toasted white bread. Served with house mashed & soup or salad. 10


Guinness Pot Roast Sandwich

Our slow roasted Guinness pot roast with Guinness gravy over lightly toasted white bread . Served with house mashed & soup or salad. 10


White House

Turkey, Ham, broccoli & sauteed mushrooms served over white toast and finished with Hollandaise sauce & seasoned bread crumbs. Served with one side. 10


Black Forrest Veal Sandwich Au Jus

4oz veal medallion pounded out and pan-fried in a brown mushroom gravy, Served on a seeded bun. Served with a rich mushroom gravy for dipping and one side choice. 12


Cajun BBQ Chicken Sandwich

Fresh Chicken breast hand-breaded, French-fried and slathered in our homemade Jalapeno BBQ sauce. Served on a seeded bun with one side. 12


French Dip, Mozz & Sweet Peppers

Thinly sliced beef with Mozzarella cheese and sauteed sweet peppers with Au Jus & one side. 12


6/9/21 - 6/30/21

Fried Catfish with a Dill Dijon dipping Sauce

Three beautiful boneless catfish filets hand-breaded, deep-fried and served with a Dill Dijon dipping sauce.Served with house rice & soup or salad. 19


Sweet & Hot Maple Dijon Baked Salmon

8oz Salmon filet baked with a Maple, Dijon & Sriracha Tabasco glaze. Served over rice with soup or salad. 22


Black Forrest Veal

Tender Veal Medallions pan-fried with a rich brown mushroom gravy served with house mashed & soup or salad. 25


Pork Chop Italiano

16oz double cut pork chop grilled with sea salt & cracked black pepper and Olive oil then finished with a sweet pepper, mushroom garlic & tomato Italian sauce. Served with house mashed & soup or salad. 26


Jalapeno BBQ Ribs

Our home-smoked BBQ ribs baked with a house Jalapeno BBQ sauce and served with house mashed and soup or salad. HALF RACK 20 FULL RACK 27